Mark Aspinall 29 December 2021

Formed in 1987, Gemini Consultants Limited owed its name to its software development roots and despite 35 years in the mortgage industry this has never changed - until now. With the new year we are launching our new brand: Gemini Mortgage Services. A small change true but it contains both a nod to our roots and an acknowledgement that its core business is now Third Party Mortgage Administration; primarily for local authorities but also for private, commercial and not-for-profit lenders.

Chief amongst the changes are:

  • a new help desk system making it even easier for clients to quickly contact us through multiple channels and get the support they need;
  • a new portal for borrowers which can be quickly added to any portfolio and allow them to see outstanding balance, previous payments, associated documentation and so on;
  • the option of adding business intelligence tools so that clients can interrogate data about their portfolios including amounts outstanding, cash flows and arrears. A very flexible system that allows real time drilling down into the data and creating bespoke reports. And finally;
  • a new, browser-based compliance system to ensure that all of our clients are fully up to date on all the Financial Conduct Authority guidance and especially any changes.

Tom Colclough, managing director, said “Whilst the last couple of years have been difficult for the industry they have given us the space to re-evaluate what we do and what we offer. The updated logo and new website are just what shows above the waterline: most of the changes are beneath the surface but mean customers can look forward to a broader range of products and new ways to interact with their borrowers. We are really looking forward to 2022, making more announcements about further developments and having new conversations with existing and new clients”.