Housing associations

Having taken on many of the roles and responsibilities for housing from their local council, many housing associations (HAs) have similar needs and opportunities. As not for profit, non governmental organisations they are responsible for building around a quarter of all new homes, have supplied around 6 million affordable homes, and are landlords for over 400,000 properties for more-at-risk groups. HAs are the single biggest provider of shared ownerships homes in the country, giving thousands of people a better chance of getting onto the housing ladder.

Like the councils, they are looking for ways to make their money work harder and reach further: with 340,000 new homes needed every year, this is no trivial task. And many of the products we have been developing with the councils would work equally well with the HAs: either as stand-alone projects or in conjunction with their local partners. Rightsizing, green homes loans, major works loans, deposit assistance for first time buyers or key workers and so on. Although the precise needs of each HA may vary (mix of properties, value, age profile of the community all have an impact on priorities) they all have the opportunity to mix and match schemes and put them under a single umbrella to maximise flexible funding. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, all of it working with bodies like local councils, Gemini really understands the needs of both its clients and their borrowers. Finally, all of the products that Gemini help to develop are fully compliant with FCA regulation and the ongoing management of the loan accounts is carried out by sympathetic, experienced and suitably qualified staff.