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Special servicing and litigation

No-one likes to look after this side of loan management, especially because it often takes intricate financial and legal expertise and dedicated tools. Hand it over to us and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that it’s in safe hands.

Other core services

Handling the arrears management process can be at a significant cost to – and strain on – your resources, but we can relieve you of this burden, allowing your business to concentrate fully on its core activities. With our support behind you, you can regain flexibility and capacity, while reducing your ongoing expenditure on customer engagement, rehabilitation and litigation.

Our special servicing team ensures that Gemini’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles are always upheld when dealing with customers in financial difficulty, while also delivering maximised cash flow to you. Your customers will be in the safe hands of a collections administration firm with more than 20 years’ experience and you can rest assured that we always take the right approach.

Our operation goes beyond the management of non-performing loans and into litigation, too. This is efficiently actioned by our legal services team, so there’s no need to employ external solicitors. This means you retain control, while costs to you and your customers are significantly reduced.

The special servicing process includes:

  • Monitoring potential problems to ensure a proactive approach is taken
  • Handling the arrears process from initial impairment through to rehabilitation or recovery
  • Forming trusting relationships with customers to fully understand the reasons behind their position
  • Providing flexible and sustainable collection and arrangement strategies
  • Offering a full set of forbearance and rehabilitation tools (income and expenditure, arrangements, concessions, loan variations, assisted sale, field agents and so on)
  • Communicating through a variety of different ways (telephone, letter, email, SMS, voicemail and so on)
  • Supporting you with a specifically dedicated and qualified case manager aligned to each account

We also provide:

  • Workout strategies
  • Customised client reporting
  • Bespoke, in-house developed arrears and litigation case management systems
  • Improved arrears performance leading to increased portfolio value
  • Legal services including –
    • Final demands
    • Court proceedings (submissions, witness statements, hearing attendance and so on)
    • Property repossessions (which are always a last resort)