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Debt recovery

Don’t let debt recovery cast a shadow over your day – hand over the process to Gemini and let us deal with any issues.

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Debt recovery is not always plain-sailing, but our specialised department can cover virtually any market sector and already assists in the collection of bad debt in areas including mortgage shortfall, rent and service charge arrears, and auto and consumer finance. Something that’s very important to us is ensuring that we engage empathetically with debtors at the earliest possible opportunity. This helps us to build a rapport and maintain contact at each step, and has seen us maximise collection rates in the past. If these first initial steps are not successful, our expert in-house legal services team can take over, meaning there’s no need to employ external solicitors and you can save money and time as the situation progresses.

We take a tailor-made approach to the recovery of debt from each client. This means:

  • We use a variety of communication methods (including telephone, letter, email, SMS and voicemail)
  • We can negotiate arrangements and settlements with debtors and third parties, which includes individual voluntary arrangements and insolvency management
  • Our qualified account managers have strong relationships with tracing agents and regional collection teams, making the process much more efficient
  • We can also control all the associated legal work through Gemini’s in-house legal services team including:
    • Final demands
    • Court proceedings (submissions, witness statements, hearing attendance and so on) 
    • Property repossessions (which is only used as a last resort and always in consultation with the client)
  • We have a flexible, performance-driven pricing structure