Fintechs are the new powerhouse of finance (not so new really but getting loads of traction now and seeing big strides in valuation and how seriously the high street banks are taking them). What makes them stand out from the ‘old’ bank approach is they build fast, deploy and test fast, fail fast and move on to the next iteration: they need partners who can stand the heat and keep up with their development. Each fintech focuses on a small part of the value chain (at least initially) and whilst not all of them will need loan administration as part of their new product development mix, some of them will and we’re ideally placed to help them.

The Gemini product is well established (over 35 years), robust, secure and flexible. You want to try playing around with different periods of rest or different criteria for affordability? No problem, we can flex our platform to accommodate almost any blend you can think of. Want to test the latest iteration on a small segment of the market before rolling it out? That’s okay too: we manage of dozens of smaller portfolios with specialist or limiting criteria and have learnt to be be quick, flexible and responsive.

Perhaps most importantly, we specialise in smaller lenders with smaller portfolios, even if you don’t have (or don’t want at this stage) thousands of borrowers, we will still give your project the time and attention it deserves. Gemini is ideally designed to help fintechs push their agile approach to the max.