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Ancillary services

Our support services are second-to-none and you can be sure that you’re benefitting from the best technology and expertise out there.

Other core services

Our ancillary support programme can help you…

  • Understand more about your business – Using a secure online portal, you can dynamically and quickly interrogate all your admin data. Find customers with similar needs, identify channels for new business, see how your loans are distributed geographically and so on. All the data is live so you can keep drilling down or changing the parameters to identify the traits that are really key to your business.
  • Get help quickly – Need to contact us to create bespoke reports, query possible issues or tell us about key changes? Simply log on to the same portal and use the helpdesk system to get in contact immediately. We use a dynamic ticketing system that prioritises your needs and gives you direct access to the people you need to speak with.
  • Stay compliant – We manage all loans in a compliant manner (whether regulated or not) to ensure that your customers get the best possible standards of service and you can enjoy complete peace of mind. To help us do this, we use online tools to keep abreast of all compliance regulation, manage our reporting and file our returns.
  • Manage your customers – Our customer portal lets your customers see the details of their loans. With information about outstanding balances, payments made, payments due, current interest rate and so on, it’s simple-to-use and incredibly flexible. The portal also allows them to store key documents and gives direct access to customer support via live chat, email or a call.
  • Look for new ideas – If you’re keen to consider new ideas for loans and associated income, our parent company Goodholm Finance can help. Goodholm was originally set up to create novel lending products for the city and continues to do this, using Gemini to manage trials and some of the eventual deployment. This means we can help source the exact products for your needs and help offer excellent value for money.